XPLORIUS is a TravelTech startup building a community of people passionate about travel & curious about innovaion.
We are currently working on 2 cool projects:

Online travel agency

Building the world’s best online travel agency with a focus on wellness tourism, powered by blockchain. Click here to learn more.


Launching web3 retreats, Villa XPLORIUS, in exotic locations around the world offering a perfect environment for work/play balance.




We are curious about the world inside and outside us. We are thirsty for knowledge and experiences. We live to grow and become 1% better every day.



We care and sympathize. Our minds and hearts are open. We want to lift each other up. If we see someone in need of support, we lend our hand.



We believe that alone you can do so little and together we can do so much! We share our experiences, knowledge and expertise. We exchange ideas and form partnerships that shape the future of the world.

If you’re not into NFTs, but you share our values, you should still join us!


Some of our members

Leah Grace Soliven

Consultant at POAP Inc

Ever since I started freelancing back in 2020, I've been wanting to try the digital nomad lifestyle.
Since then, I've been on the lookout for travel programs that I can leverage to help me sustain it once I decide to go. So when a friend introduced me to XPLORIUS, a Travel x Web3 initiative doing their whitelist minting that time, my mind literally went to the future (my future) and I knew I had to mint a pass (or 3)! This is one of the dream projects I want to get involved in because I believe it's the future of travel, happening now. I'm excited about the retreats they'll be hosting soon because working in web3, it's very fast-paced and I crave for moments to be more present, meet new friends and just feel more alive IRL!

Richard Ong

F&B operation manager/Businessman

I love to travel. I’m on the service line, working hours that are more than normal jobs.
That’s why I need vacations to relax and recharge. I joined XPLORIUS because they combine tech and travel together, the 2 subjects I love, and trust me, XPLORIUS retreats will be one of the best!


PR Manager for Fashion and Lifestyle brands

I’ve always loved to travel. Today, I travel for leisure to learn about the world, but I also travel a lot for work, as I regularly attend fashion weeks as part of my job.
I joined XPLORIUS because it’s a fun community of people with mixed backgrounds. I enjoy making international friends through the community and I can’t wait to meet everyone at the retreats!


Entrepreneur & web3 enthusiast

One of my goals is to travel the world, which requires planning.
Though I have a very busy schedule, so that’s hard to do. XPLORIUS puts options on the table periodically, so I don’t have to research & plan, which saves me time. It’s also super exciting to be a part of a travel tech project at T0.

TJ (aka Rachel)

Insurance Resolutionist by day. Web3 Degen by night

I am an art and mental health enthusiast. I tend to be an active member in many projects chatting on Discord.
I also love practicing martial arts, particularly Tai Chi, and use to teach the art. I have a high affinity for traveling for leisure and tend to go to outdoorsy places. I joined XPLORIUS very early, and I can see this as a new approach to traveling but in Web 3.0. It gives an opportunity for people to book reservations on a location with an ability to sell if the reservationist desires to. Like a cruise line, it is a method to meet people with common interests.


Real estate professional

I’m a big fan of all things new, especially when it comes to travel! The thing that made me join XPLORIUS is the focus on wellness.
I live my love consciously and believe that travel should leave you rejuvenated, while giving you an opportunity to learn something new. See you at the first XPLORIUS retreat very soon!


Film Student

As a filmmaking student, I am always in search of inspiration and for stories to tell.
I decided to join XPLORIUS because I was amazed by how many stories are hiding amongst all of the community members. I am definitely planning to participate in the retreats to have a chance to nourish my well being, while getting inspired by all of the heartwarming conversations that will take place at Villa XPLORIUS.


Senior Power Platform Developer

My 2 big goals are to explore the world more and to start paying attention to how I treat my body and mind.
XPLORIUS is a perfect space for this, as I’ll be able to travel the world, while making sure I facilitate my wellbeing. Health is the new wealth!!


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