We are a community of people interested in travel and innovation building cool stuff in the world and vibing along the way.

How can I become a member of the community?

To become a member, you need to buy one of the NFTs by XPLORIUS. Watch out, there’s different tiers of membership, which bring you different perks. Become a member here.

I am not familiar with NFTs, how do I buy a membership or book a retreat?

If you’re not too sure about how NFTs work, join our Discord and ask any question in the general chat. One of our team members will help you out right away.

I have some random questions, where can I address them?

When in doubt, always head to our Discord.

Will XPLORIUS have only one location for the retreats?

Our goal is to launch 12 locations by the end of the year. Our members will be able to enjoy a new destination every month of the year.

I want to create a cross-community retreat with XPLORIUS, what should I do?

We got ya! Planning a retreat with XPLORIUS is a breeze! Click here to submit your request.

I own a property. How can I host a retreat by XPLORIUS?

If you want to become our partner property and host XPLORIUS retreats, please submit your request here.

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